Робота за рубежом, танцоры, артисты цирка

Casino Dealer

Date of birth: 01/19/1988
EXPERIENCE 01.2007-05.2007g. Dealer.
Casino "Klondike"
06.2007-06.2009g. Dealer - Inspector playing hall.
Casino "Split"
- Maintenance and control the game.
-Monitoring the precise execution of all rules and identify unauthorized actions of clients
-A brief explanation of the rules of the game to a new client
-Providing a high level of service a casino.
-Communication with customers

EDUCATION 2004 - 2009 years. Odessa State Economic University
Faculty: Credit and Economic
Profession: Banking
EDUCATION 1994 - 1997 years. Music School
2008 - 2009 years. Courses in English
SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE Computer: install and configure the software, troubleshooting, network administration Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Internet, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access),

Languages Russian (excellent), ukrainian (good), English (Elementary)
PERSONAL QUALITIES Sociability, responsibility, diligence, punctuality, neatness, willingness to learn, and commitment.
HOBBIES Computers, psychology, photography, sports, reading.

 Casino Dealer
 Casino Dealer

Робота за рубежом, танцоры, артисты цирка